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Our Therapies

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Speech Therapy

The purpose of speech-language therapy services at Eros School is to optimize individuals’ ability to communicate and to swallow, thereby enhancing the quality of life. The speech therapy department works within a multidisciplinary team.

Occupational Theraphy

Occupational Therapy (OT) inherently focuses on engaging individuals in meaningful activities of daily living in order to promote functional independence and well-being, despite impairments in physical or mental functioning. OT at Eros focuses on learners across all phases. Our objective would be to facilitate optimal functional independence within the classroom and play, as well as to facilitate meaningful community or work integration.



The physiotherapy department at Eros School aims to optimize a learner’s mobility, function and overall well-being. This is achieved through the help of physical rehabilitation, injury prevention as well as recommended health and fitness programs. Our services encourage learners to engage more actively and independently in their environment. 


Eros School has the services of both a psychologist and a school counselor. The major roles and functions of the school psychologist include: to

  • Conduct psycho-educational assessment for scholastic and behavioral problems to consider appropriate intervention and or placement.

  • Provide therapeutic interventions including Trauma Debriefing and Crisis Counselling

  • Monitor learners’ progress; coordinate problem cases and plan and arrange case and class discussions where needed

  • Assist multi-disciplinary team with the development of ISP’s

  • Process applications and queries for placement from different local education districts and other provinces, hospitals, NGO’s, etc.

  • Provide in-service training of teaching and non-teaching staff

  • Maintain case records to reflect intervention and support, provided to learners and staff.

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The Nursing department at Eros School consists of two nurses namely; Nurse Kerchhoff and Sister Jones. We see the learners’ health and well-being on a daily basis. We work closely with the multi-disciplinary team to provide a holistic service to our learners. We have one Pediatrician, Doctor Klopper, who visits bi-monthly and two support doctors (Neurologist, Dr. Rhiordin and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Horne) who visit once a term.

We work closely with other stakeholders such as; SANCA, The Parents Centre, The Eye Clinic, Dentist and Dr. Abdurahman CHC who provides us with medication and emergency treatment for learners.

We are in daily contact with the three main hospitals in the Western Cape namely; Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Tygerberg Hospital and Groote Schuur Hospital to ensure that our learners get follow-up visits and medication from these institutions.

Our social worker is based at head office and is available at request as leaners are referred.

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