Full time nursing staff is available at the School to coordinate the medical needs of our learners on a daily basis


Around 1984 the staff of Silvertown Dental Clinic assisted Prof. H. Moolla, University of the Western Cape – Dental Faculty in providing dental treatment for the children of EROS School. The children were transported to the Silvertown Dental Clinic for treatment. Approximately 7-8 years later the hostel at EROS School was extended. Prof H. Moolla motivated for a Dental Clinic on the premises of EROS. The clinic comprises of two clinical rooms and a waiting area. The Oral Hygiene students worked on Saturdays under supervision of a Dentist for education and motivation which was of primary importance for the oral health of the scholars. We then moved to EROS School Clinic where the children were treated. Treatment comprised of education, motivation, brushing programs for the primary phase, Fissure Sealants for prevention this is the primary function of the Oral Hygienist. The Dentist then sees to education, prevention and curative treatment comprising of fillings of decayed teeth or extractions of badly decayed teeth. Treatment is on-going. Oral hygiene being most important on the list of priorities as some of the scholars is physically challenged causing lack of dextrousity. They have cerebral palsy and many have impaired mobility in their hands and arms resulting in poor maintainance of oral hygiene. Adult supervision at home and at the hostel is of utmost importance for oral health.