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Referral and Admission Procedure

  1. Children who have sustained a traumatic brain injury and motor vehicle accidents are referred directly to the school by hospitals and other health care practitioners. 

  2. Children must be 4 years and older if they have CP or have any other physical disability. Children who have a Learning Disability must be 6 years old. 

  3. A medical report which confirms the physical and/ or neurological injury that the child has sustained is required 

  4. Supporting documents by the physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist or psychologist should accompany the application.

  5. All learners with specific learning difficulties who struggle academically despite having average or above-average intellectual ability may apply through their local education district office. 

  6. Learners Gr. 1-9 have to be assessed and referred by the district psychologist. They may also be invited for an assessment/observation period.


Assessment Procedure

  1. Learners, regardless of any prior screening might be assessed by the multi-disciplinary team at Eros School.

  2. They are often invited for a week or more, period of assessment by Eros multi-disciplinary team. 

  3. The purpose of this assessment would be to determine exact nature and severity of the physical, neurological and/ or learning difficulty, and the nature of intervention/support required.  It is also to determine if Eros is an appropriate placement. 

  4. Recommendations for appropriate placement are only made should Eros not be suitable.


Admission Process

  1. After assessment, learners who meet the admission criteria are placed   on a waiting list.

  2. Learners who present with a specific learning difficulty would be considered for admission regardless of race, gender, religion or language.

  3. Admission will be dependent on availability of space in the classroom.

  4. Parents/Guardians may have to provide their own transport should Eros transport not be available for those admitted.

  5. Preference will be given to learners in the Pre-School and Foundation Phase and those with Cerebral Palsy and other physical disabilities.

  6. Applications are discussed at quartely sifting meetings. The Head SLES / his or her delegate, provincial programme manager, district senior psychologist and district DCES learning support should be present at the sifting meeting and recommended assessment/placement.

  7. All applications for admission must be approved by the Director: Specialized Education of the WCED.

  8. After admission, all learners will be subject to on-going assessment to determine their suitability for transfer to a mainstream school/school of skills/FET College, learnership or sheltered employment


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